Before using your Flesh light: Guide for the first time users

Some of what has made Flesh light one of the most popular on any products for men is the realistic feeling you get when using it. Flesh light offers everything from standard models to powerful products like popular Fleshlight Launch. If you want to make the experience even more realistic with best flesh light sleeves, you can heat it before use and combine it with a water-based lubricant.

You can either use a Flesh Warmer; put the Flesh light on the element for a while or you can heat it with warm water. If you choose to heat the Flesh light in warm water, you can either keep the sled under warm water in the dish for a couple of minutes, or you can put the sledge in a bowl of hot water until it has reached the correct temperature.

Gently shake off the water from the sleeve before inserting it into the plastic case and apply lubricant. Lubricate the slip on your penis and on the very opening of the sleeves. You can also lubricate the slider on the top inside of the Flesh light with a pair of fingers. It is important that you use an aqueous lubricant for your Flesh light, such as Gun Oil Lubricant.

Use Flesh light in different positions

You use your Flesh light by moving it over your penis and then leading it up and down along the body, as with a regular unanimous product. It is your hand that controls the pace. But you can also use it to simulate sex settings. For example, if you like the classic missionary, put your Flesh light on a pillow in your bed and penetrate it as if it were the missionary with a woman.

If you would like to use Flesh light without hands, you can attach it between the sofa and the sofa cushions. Sit on your knees and enter your Flesh light. Alternatively, you can use Flesh light Shower Mount, a suction plug that allows you to put your Flesh light on even, hard surfaces. If you see porn online, this is the type of butt plug used by Jaipur Angels.

Get a more tight experience with your Flesh light

All Flesh light plastic cases have a screw cap at the end that allows you to adjust the pressure around your penis. The more you tighten the lid, the more vacuum it forms inside your Flesh light. You can easily adjust the lid under the flesh light file. Just grab one hand and adjust yourself how powerful the pressure should be.

Do you need more help?

You can always contact our customer service if you need advice and guidance. We can help you choose the product that suits you best for the best possible experience. Whatever kind of Flesh light you own, they are easy to clean and the care wires are the same. Spending some time cleaning and caring for your Flesh light will extend the life span of the realistic feel of the material.

After each use:

  • Remove the insert from the outer plastic case and flush hot water (not hot) through the middle flesh light to remove any of the materials.
  • Hot water will ensure cleaning – Do not use soap.
  • It is also good to use a flesh light cleaning agent after you rinse it properly. This cleanser removes bacteria and inhibits bacterial growth that may otherwise occur.
  • Wipe the wipe dry with a towel or allow it to air dry. You can speed the drying by using a hair dryer and blow it dry on low heat. Remember to turn it in and out, so that both sides can dry properly.
  • Once you have washed and dried your Flesh light, you will notice that the Flesh light feels a bit tacky. This is normal, but if you want to restore the soft skin consistency again, you should finish the treatment.
  • When it is properly dry, sprinkle it with Flesh light Powder. This is in order for it to maintain its skin-realistic feeling. Now it feels as silk as when you bought it.
  • Keep your Fleshlight in its case whenever possible.
  • Use Fleshlight Powder or Powder to restore the silky feeling of your Fleshlight.
  • Do not use silicone lubricant with your Fleshlight. Always use water-based slides instead. Sliding is a must for it to give you an optimal experience.

Flesh light – better than sex

When you let the maneuver slip into your flesh light, it’s twice as nice as letting it slip into a real girl! No strangle and you do not have to wake up with headaches the following day.

What is a Flesh light?

In short, a loose page and the word flesh light is a brand. It has been around for a long time, and men have always experimented with different substitutes, but flesh light revolutionized the market when they came out in the late 90’s.

One major reason for the big impact was the material; the founder experimented a lot before he found what suited. A material that feels much like the genuine product since then, many different models have been released with different penetration holes, including vagina, tail and mouth as well as different textures inside. Nowadays, there is a flesh light for everyone.

Why should I buy a fleshlight?

Besides the obvious that it’s almost a heavenly experience to penetrate such a page with its manor, there are several reasons.

Can help cure / prevent Death Grip Syndrome (DGS). DGS is today a common problem among men and is caused by masturbation many times and gradually, often unconsciously hugging the penis harder and harder. The result of that is that penis needs more and more stimulation to ejaculate. Closing gives a proper vagina not enough stimulation to be able to ejaculate within a reasonable time. How does a fleshlight cure it? A hard outer shell that makes it impossible to press harder with time, the penis gets used to less stimulus and returns normal sensitivity levels. Provided you stop masturbating with your hand.

What is more common is to suffer from the opposite problem, Premature Ejaculation (PE), to get too fast. Fleshlight has developed a single-purpose product: Help men become more persistent in bed (it also happens to be very comfortable to use). STU – Stamina Training Unit.

Very smooth to wash as well as smart and discreet outside: You do not have to hide it furthest into the chest of drawers.

Last but not least, a fleshlight invites every man in very beautiful moments. Even though you have a girlfriend or wife, it’s not always possible to have intercourse and then a Fleshlight loose page is a very good option.

A Fleshlights constituent

There are just as many different models mentioned, the following elements are from the original loose pink Lady Original. Basically, most models of the same constituents only have a slightly different look. It is produced to feel as human as possible, and is the key to the flesh lights incredible success.

The part of the solder mounted inside the container is not a solid piece, but edges are placed around the unit for air holes to occur, which makes the experience feel more realistic.

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