Erectile Dysfunction: A common problem to men in their 70s, and here’s how to manage It

Erectile dysfunction (ED) is a condition that manifests in males not being able to get their penis erect for more than a few minutes or at all. Back in the day, people would refer to it as impotence, but this term is no longer in use. At least not as much. It’s a common shame factor for men, and it ruins many relationships every year.


Having trouble with ED from time to time is common for all men. From teens who just began their sexual journeys to mature and more experienced studs — it can happen. The common trigger for it is stress. However, if a man has constant difficulties with ED, it might be a sign of more serious health issues.


Luckily, there are ways to prevent it from ruining your sex life. In the following few paragraphs, we’ll list tips to minimize erectile dysfunction occurrences.

Regular Check-Ups

There are numerous ways you can check up on your penis and its ability to keep firm when sex comes calling. These check-ups are usually physical exams. They can include briefly giving away your health and sexual history to a doctor — urologist. If there’s any need for it, your doctor might consult you to take further tests. This might be the case if they suspect an underlying condition that is causing your ED.


The physical exam for ED typically involves heart and lung listening, blood pressure check-up, and penis and testicle touching. In some cases, the doctor might need to check your prostate, which is done by a rectal examination. Aside from these physical tests, psychological ones include a series of questions like “When did you first experience ED?” or “Does ED happen in particular situations?”

Improve Diet and Lifestyle

It’s common for ED to come from a bad diet. Namely, if the blood flow in your genital area isn’t as high as it should be, you might have a problem with getting your wiener up. And since blood flow has lots to do with what you eat, reconsidering your diet is a must. People with ED difficulties should eat more fruits, vegetables, and limit red meat.


Another great way to fight off ED is to be more physically active. There are specific exercises that relate to the genital area for both men and women. They are Kegel exercises, and they focus on pelvic floor muscles. You can, furthermore, pursue yoga and aerobics too. These activities are great for your general health, as well as your genitals.

Stop Unnecessary Medications

Another cause of erectile dysfunction can be medication and drug abuse. For example, meds that treat high blood pressure will bring it down so much that blood flow in the genital area becomes rather low. This, in turn, results in ED. The same goes for depression meds, as they seem to have similar effects.


Nevertheless, there’s also the problem with taking certain meds like Viagra, Cialis, and others. Although most people think they have a positive impact on ED, the results show some other problems. The effect of these drugs are still unclear, which makes taking them an unnecessary risk. This is especially true for young males.

Alcohol Moderation

Drinking too much is a proven cause of ED. Did you ever notice how hard it is to get your dick erect when you’re drunk? Well, it’s because alcohol numbs your whole body, especially your penis. It disrupts your brain’s response to filling up the penis with blood, as well as the production of testosterone.

But how much alcohol is moderate? Well, that is a bit tricky, as it depends on person to person. For some, a pint of beer will be too much, while others might drink an entire barrel and plow like in their golden days. Therefore, finding what suits you and your body is up to you and only you.

Cut Off Cigarettes

Lifestyle choices are pretty important when it comes to health, especially reproductive. As such, those who smoke have a much higher chance of developing ED than those who don’t. Unfortunately, the same goes for those “recreational” smokers who light up from time to time when they feel like it.


A study published in The Journal of Sexual Medicine suggests that the most common causes of ED in men younger than 40 are smoking, alcohol, and drugs. Of course, it’s nothing new to mention how tobacco is dangerous. It practically doesn’t have any benefit — it’s pure poison that just looks cool for some. But it’s not.

Build Healthy Sleeping Habits

Our sleeping patterns have a massive impact on our life in general. And when it comes to erectile dysfunction, having a healthy sleeping habit is as significant as not smoking. Sleep deprivation is bad in itself, let alone when it doesn’t allow you to get your penis erect. It causes low-energy levels and increases tension.


We suggest that you build a healthy routine when and for how long you go to bed. Sure, the older we get, the more we need to sleep during the day. But that isn’t a problem. It can only work as a benefit for your cause. Relaxing, lowering stress levels, and sleeping go hand in hand and, in turn, allow for dicks to stay hard and erect.

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