SEX ED by Visceral Abstractions

by House of Yes!

$15 – $35


Toss the pamphlets, ditch the preconceptions, and prepare to pop that cherry as we give you a long overdue re-education on the birds and the bees, warring sperm, dancing labia, and one very lovesick pubic louse. A schooling by way of a three-act extravaganza. Snickering is tolerated and encouraged.

Visceral Abstractions returns to House of Yes with Sex Ed! We peek into the sometimes complicated, often absurd journey from conception to sexual “maturity”.

Part aerial acrobatics, part puppetry, part tolerable musical dance numbers, Sex Ed means to titillate and re-educate at the same time.

Come prepared with questions. Class is in session.
Featuring Dana Abrassart, Tamara Ochoa, Juanita Cardenas, Julie Atlas Muz, Matt Roper, Erin Duffee, Maya Shah, John Jonny, and Eric Schmalenberger with additional voice work by Daisy press and special musical design by DJ Dropkat.

Thursday | Doors at 7pm, Show at 8pm
Seating not guaranteed after 8pm

Friday | Door 6:30pm, Show at 7:30pm
Seating not guaranteed after 7:30pm


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