Foreplay Radio

241: What Withdrawers Can Do Besides Walking Away

July 31, 2020

Knowing that their withdrawal triggers their partner, what can someone who feels attacked or criticized do – other than walking away? Wrestling with themselves and naming their feelings, gives them…

Episode 240: Do Men Really Want Directions in Bed?

July 24, 2020

Men want an engaged partner and frequently ask for communication in bed. Yet, how can a women ask for what she wants without sending the message that she is critical…

We Gotta Thing

Episode 77: I Never Imagined I Would Ever…

July 26, 2020

Before entering the lifestyle or becoming experienced in the lifestyle we never imagined doing some of the things we’ve actually done and things we’ve learned about the lifestyle. We share how our perspectives change over time and also share what some of our listeners have to say about their own experiences!

Episode 76: Be Authentic- Acknowledging All Facets of You

June 28, 2020

As we are mired in the current pandemic many of us are being pulled back away from our social and sexual mindsets. While we are concerned about our jobs, our children, our families and our health, we need to be deliberate to ensure our relationships and our sexuality are a priority! In this episode, we discuss the difficulty of resolving the tension between who we are wired to be as humans and who we are trained to be by society.


Game of Thrones | S12E6: F#cks and the Hound

Jul 30, 2019

THIS EPISODE IS SEX ON WHEELS. Who let the dogs out? THE HOUND. And by dogs we mean orgasms. Okay, we are clearly still too #swordsup to make any sense but TRUST: SanSan is getting sexy sexy and we are here. for. it.

Game of Thrones | S12E1: Let’s Get Fawked Up

Jun 25, 2019

Get a load of this: 7 girlfriends, one bonfire, a ton of booze, and a vendetta against a fuckboi. It’s modern day but with all of your favorite Game of Thrones ladies and they’re about to head to a bar to wreak some havoc and mend Sansa’s broken heart with a rebound bloke.

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